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I knew ten plus years ago we were going in the tank,but stupidly listened to the hype and "Life Is Good" B.S. and now it is what it is and not blaming anyone but myself for not listening to my Conservative Midwest farm raised Good Sense.

I read and watch a major amount of media to get a cross reference of all the information available to me.

I am confident since we are at the same unemployment level as when he took over,and who knows how many are not counted because have given up finding a job we can not continue just on cruise level and not have a serious EVENT on the horizon. I honestly will go out and say this can not continue one more year without "Shit Hitting The Fan"

This is so incredible to think in my older years to see this Country go down,giving foreign aid,and turning a generation into an entitlement society!!

Thank God my Father is gone.:))ThumbsDwn All he fought for,voted for,loved and worked for.

God Help America.
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