I have and Extreme Trailer with a Dethmer or Demco actuator with a bad solenoid coil. The coil is what is bad (it does not energize when in reverse and I have checked the power going to it when in reverse), It has a nut holding the coil on to the soleoid stem but I am unable to locate just the coil. When I called Extreme they said that the replacement coil was no longer available and that I had to replace the solenoid valve so I bought the replacement (buddy brand). Not being able to just replace the means disassembling actuator and having to drain the brake fluid. I have had the new solenoid for a while but the project to disassemble the Dethmer DA10 actuator looks like bigger project than I want to do. Does anyone know where I can buy the coil or know an easier way to replace. I have a block I stick in the trailer to back up and it is a pain in the ass.

Any help would be appreciated.