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Spam Forum Rules

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    Default Spam Forum Rules

    The idea behind the spam sections is to provide a place for members to list their own personal items for sale and for advertisers to list boating related specials, sales, new products, and so on.

    It is not intended for advertisers commercial sellers to list products and services for sale.

    Please put price in your listing. Not having a price only solicits questions. If you don't have a price you're really not selling anything.

    TTT’s or bumps only once a week.

    No unnecessary posts- these are not discussion threads. If you have a valid question, that's fine. No “wow that's cool” or “good luck selling...” or an other off topic posts. No comments- unless you want to buy the item there’s nothing to add.

    NO Thread jacking. If you have one too, start your own thread.
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    Default Some new, some not new

    Performance Boats and I have given this some thought and discussed. This is what we are going to do because we agree needless bumping is going on.

    1. Prices will be required in all listings. Example, $1000, $1000 obo, are ok. Make offer, call for price, pm for price, or no price listed, are not ok. If you want people to bid on your stuff put it on ebay.

    2. Put city and state in all listings so people do not have to ask or guess where your item will have to ship from or where they will have to pick it up.

    3. Do not put personal information such as name, address, phone, emails in listings. This is the internet and crawlers pick this stuff up quickly and you may receive attention you didn't want.

    4. Nothing new here but bump one time every 7 days, not more often. If you are changing info in your listing and 7 days haven't passed edit your original listing.

    5. When you sell your item there is no reason to bump the thread and post "sold" or to post "sale Pending". Simply select from the "thread tools" dropdown "mark thread sold". That locks the thread and lets everyone know its sold by posting sold in the title line.

    What we will do if above is not followed?

    Initially for an introductory period of a couple weeks we will post a warning in your thread if we see it. If its not fixed in a day or so we'll lock the thread. Please do not post wtf why is my thread locked or send our moderators nasty messages. Just start another thread with the right info included and move on.

    After the first couple weeks we will post a warning in the thread. If its not fixed in a day or so the thread will get deleted.

    After a month everyone should be aware and we will delete threads that don't have this basic stuff if we see them without any warning.

    If you are bumping your thread more often then every 7 days its going to get locked. Does not matter if you delete your prior bump, a bump is a bump and we can see all of them. Anyone continually doing this will have their spam threads deleted.

    The purpose of all the above is to reduce unnecessary chatter in the spam threads so everyone can have a decent chance of selling their items. If you have a lot of items put them in no more than 2 threads. We don't want anyone dominating the spam forums with a bunch of threads taking up the first page. If I see that I will send a warning first. If not corrected they'll get deleted.

    If we have any extreme cases that just don't "get it" after awhile they will lose access to the spam forums for posting anything.
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