Not sure if it posted the first time, if this is number two I'm sorry.

Hello Everyone,
I just found this site a few days ago. Been going threw the blogs and love seeing all the boats and mainly so many blogs about apache lake. A breif history on me. Im 25, as a child my family would go to apache almost every payday. God i miss them days. About two years ago I was Invited to the lakes and was able to take my girlfriend along with me. This was her first time ever on a boat, tube, or in the water other then the angle deep at the beach or in the shower. She was hooked instantly. Sadly we both are in school so no money for a boat. Not even my father's boat (18 foot 1958 Bellboy Cubby Cabin) which i spent so many summer days growing up in is running condition. So Borrowing his is out of the question. Thus seeing all this great stuff about the lakes is giving me summer time blues, however hope to join everyone next season.