Hey guys, I have my boat home for the rest of the year and my current storage place is not working out. So I need a new place to keep it. It will typically stay at our place at the river.

Can anybody make some recommendations or referrals? Maybe somebody on here has corner of a shop they want to rent to me or maybe somebody knows of a good storage facility they have had good luck with??

Here is what I'm looking for.

10' Wide by 25' Deep
Storage from September 2010 to January 2011
I'd like the ability to come get the boat on weekends to take to my condo and work on it for the weekend then take it back on Sundays. Or if I really had my way, a place that will allow me to work on it there would be nice.

As close to the city of Orange (zip code 92867) as possible too please.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys.