Hi guys, I am in some desperate need of some help. I got scammed off racingjunk.com on a motor. I wired a guy by the name of Zach Pierce of Las Vegas some money (several grand) and never got a motor. He never had the motor and I have done just about everything I can think of...Police report, called LVPD, FBI, file several complaints, but I cant seem to get anywhere. If you or you know anyone that could help please let me know. I hope someone is or knows someone with law enforcement or the bank that can help. They will not help right now, b/c it is an internet crime. O and I wired the money to Nevada Federal Credit Union. I have a bit of info on this guy and the bad thing is I am in Oklahoma. Just hoping that a fellow boater may be able to help. You can contact me via PM or email at [email protected]. Thank you.