The US Army Core of Engineers is quietly doing a “Life Jacket Study” and this year they have chosen a lake that I frequent Pine Flat Lake, Ca. From April 1st 2011 through October 31st 2011 all persons aboard a vessel will be required to wear a Life Jacket anytime the engine is running. From my understanding, this is the third and final test lake region, with previous studies conducted on the east coast and mid west, of which the USACE claims have had fairly positive results, but I’m not buying it! If this study goes well (without severe public complaint) they will implement this mandatory wear of life vests on all USACE controlled lakes in the nation!

I’m looking for support, so we can get the word out that boaters don’t want this. The USACE Pine Flat Lake Manager Tom Ehrke (559) 787-2589 [email protected] is logging the names and comments of the public who call in to voice their opinion during the study, so I would also encourage people to call in as it may save your lake from this requirement in the future.