OUTLAWS BIG CREEK RUN WHAT YA BRUNG 2017!!!!!! Outlaws Big Creek weekend April 27th-30th. The Course will be 800ft!!! We will have 3 bouys setup, starting line, 660ft and finish line 800ft. It gives you the option to run someone 660ft or 800ft. The course will be setup by Friday morning that way you will have Friday to test n tune or do some playing. Saturday the Main Events we will have 2 main races!! Gullwing Shoot Out and King of the Hill race. These races will be a 10 boat Double Elimination! Which means you have 2 chances for the Title. We will have a clip board at camp with a sign in for both races, no entry fee. Side bets are welcome but totally up to drivers and boat owners. We will have a Drivers meeting 12 noon Saturday at the bank. At the meeting we will draw numbers for each race. It will be Luck of the Draw, which means the person that Draws 1 gets the bye.(this depends on how many boats actually sign up est. 10 could be more or less). At that time we will go over the details of how the race will work and safety. Basically there will be a barge at start and finish line. These people will decide winner and pair you up after each race. It will be a Train Horn for Horn start. This is a RUN WHAT YA BRUNG EVENT!!!!!! Everyone is welcome! Which means this is not a event just for these two races, we are just making this year a little more exciting The course will be open Friday all day and after Drivers Meeting. Then at 1:00 we will start the two races once there done the course will be wide open for anyone rest of the day.That way you can run who ever and grudge match race as well. The Menu will be fend for yourself Thursday with a hot grill welcome for you, Friday Night Annual Fish Fry and Saturday Smoke Brisket at 6 p.m. . After dinner and before the Band starts we will announce the winners along with some other achievements the other boaters have accomplished other than the boats that entered the two races. After that the Band will kick off. Camp spots are $15.00 a night which will cover your launch fee. If your not camping it's $10.00 a boat which covers one day or all three. Remember power is limited so like every year give me a heads up. There are plenty of spots for rvs and tents but only about 25 with power. IF YOU LIKE TO BURN FUEL SEE SOME ROOSTER TAILS FLY AND HAVE A GOOD TIME BIG CREEK LAST WEEKEND OF APRIL IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!!!!! Party!!