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Just finished waxing my boat

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Just finished waxing my new to me maxum..I know its not a performance boat, but we have been getting twice as much use out of this boat than the others I've had. Its a 94 with twin 454s with a genny and airconditioning. If ya see us in steamboat give a wave.....:D


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Nice boat...that's what my wife wanted. You can see we're at two opposite ends of the spectrum!!!!
You mean you just finished waxing the ...yacht.

Better go buy a skipper hat and some topsiders there cappy. ;) :p
Thanks Magic....I started drooling when ya cruised by on the 4th with the formula....:)devil

Thank you. Happy to see someone with sense other than me. ;) :D
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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