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  1. Little trouble at the River awhile back!

    Ya, someone caused a minor scuffle after failing their sobriety test! :)handBunch of wild Outlaws Bobbie!! :rolleyes:OMG! Cuffs a Little Tight?
  2. Every once in awhile there comes a name that we can have alata fun with

    Just so we are clear, It is spelled :)devil SCARLATA![/QUOTE...The 1st name I saw on here was "Wreckalata"...Then I heard "Kickalata rods. Then Flipsalata. Of course these are all in good fun so I figured there must be some more out there....How about "Notalata between the legs. Could be...
  3. Now that 97.1 has been gone for awhile....

    PB Open Water
    What have you replaced it with? I still haven't found anything that I really like, sometimes in the morning it's 106.7 (lack of better options) but other then that I just channel surf. Do you have a new favorite yet?
  4. So it took awhile to get here but

    PB Open Water
    i had to go to and jump on a link to get here, i have tried to get here on google but it ain't happening, so whats the deal.